About The Earth's Best Story

People of every imaginable background and station in life want to make a difference with their lives. But how do you do that effectively? How does an idea journey successfully across the wastelands separating fantasy and reality?

In The Earth Best Story, twins Ron and Arnie Koss masterfully recount their transition from eking out livings as sprout growers and broom makers to creating Earth’s Best baby food–the first organic food to sit beside mainstream competitors on the nation’s supermarket shelves. That feat revolutionized and empowered the organic-foods movement and benefited hundreds of farmers as well as the millions of babies whose very first foods have been organically grown.

Told through the dual narrative of each brother, this memoir is as rich in life lessons as it is in entrepreneurial wisdoms and warnings.

Personal, intense, and inspirational, the Koss brother’s tale reflects the quest to find a place in this world by somehow changing it for the better.

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