About the Authors


Co-founder, Ron Koss worked with Earth’s Best until 1995. In addition to developing organic baby food, Ron is a natural foods product innovator. During his long term employ with the aio Food Group, Ron has secured patents for his work on complete meal supplement ice cream and has also introduced specialized complete meal supplements for people in health recovery situations. Presently, he is working on nutritional products for a global relief aid project. Ron enjoys working as a consultant for socially responsible enterprises and has a special interest in group dynamics, organizational development and conflict resolution. He lives in Vermont with his family.


Co-founder, Arnie Koss worked with Earth’s Best until 1994. Arnie honed his business skills by founding and operating a number of small entrepreneurial companies in Vermont. He was actively involved in the development of organic certification standards, which eventually led to the Organic Foods Act of 1990. Arnie has served as a consultant to several prominent natural products companies and is presently the Managing Partner at aio Food Group, a Hawaii-based product development company that also owns the Punalu'u Bakeshop and Visitor Center on the Big Island of Hawaii. He lives in Hawaii with his family.