Reviews of The Earth's Best Story

"Let's eat! No two words could be more universal or -- according to three new books -- more controversial. These authors have different stories to tell, different flags to wave, but they're all marching forward in agreement on one thing: The food we eat is in danger, and so is our environment. Readers who open these covers will hear the shouting on every page: It's time to take action! It's time, in short, for a food fight.

When twin brothers Ron and Arnie Koss launched their business in the mid-1980s, they found themselves on the front lines of a brand-new movement. Their weapon of choice? Baby food -- the first organic baby food in the United States. "Our goal was to make the world a better place," writes Ron Koss, "nothing less. This is how we would define 'success.' This was our bottom line." A rip-roaring entrepreneurial tale, The Earth's Best Story is packed with drama, from exploding equipment and workers drenched in apple juice to relentless financial crises and complex boardroom battles. Who knew baby food would be such treacherous terrain? Writing in a sort of back-and-forth, journal-entry format that some may find too detailed and confessional, the Koss brothers offer a candid account of their start-up venture, from the moment of inspiration to the bittersweet end. Although the brothers wound up losing control of the company (and leaving even before it was sold to Heinz in 1996), their efforts helped forge a new organic path through the mainstream food wilderness, and that's a lasting victory."
Washington Post
Environmentally and socially responsible businesses don’t just happen—they are created by passionate and persistent people. Arnie and Ron Koss’s pithy account . . . is an entertaining and enlightening book for anyone who dares to live their green dreams."
Joel Makower, founder and Editor,

Ron and Arnie’s story . . . is particularly compelling because it traces the experiences of a couple of guys (twins) who invite us into their thinking, the evolution of their personal and professional lives, and how it all wove together into the evolution of an incredibly successful company . . . The story as a whole is remarkable."
Fred Kirschenmann, President, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

For parents concerned about health and the environment, and organic consumers, this is an enjoyable and uplifting book. I highly recommend it."
Ronnie Cummins, Director, Organic Consumers Association

A fascinating look into the minds of two entrepreneurs interested in more than the bottom line."
John Seabrook, author of Flash of Genius

Excerpts from online reader reviews:

"Not since Kitty Hawk has there been a better tale of brotherly ingenuity and perseverance. Even if you've never heard the term "stock dilution," this story is fascinating. Reading it, I experienced the roller coaster ride of the entrepreneur's thrill of creating a start-up company that ultimately made it into the big time. Have you ever had a dream of having that one great idea that would truly improve our world in a meaningful way? Ever wished you had a twin who could share life's journey with you and read your thoughts with a glance? The Koss brothers have all this, along with a feisty, tenacious brand of environmentalism that I found endearing. I had a hard time putting this book down until the final, bittersweet end."

"This is one of those books you wish there were more pages of, hated to see it end. Ron and Arnie Koss have managed to meld their take on this fly by the seat of your pants experience with honest and open assessment of mistakes, success, emotion, vulnerability, dedication, and courage with the reader in unobstructed front row vantage."

"A compelling read about two brothers who persist in following a dream, while maintaining their integrity and commitment to values. Entrepreneurs will appreciate the lessons they learned and the wisdom they share in the story of the start up of America's first organic baby food company. Those not familiar with the world of business will be wrenched by the tension of pursuing a dream while negotiating the intricacies of finance, organization, power, and networking. I could not put this down."

"I LOVED this book: engaging from the very first page, the compelling journey of these visionary twin entrepreneurs kept me turning the pages.. What an amazing account they share with us.. and written with a wonderful blend of courage, insight, and sparkling wit.. This book moved me -- made me laugh, and choke up -- and left me deeply inspired. Way more than a book about business -- this is a vastly enjoyable "must read" for anyone who needs their hope rekindled in a world so often overrun by the senseless pursuit of money. A rare and wonderful find!!"

"The Brothers GROKKED It (When No One Else Did): What an inspirational tale for all persons interested in entrepreneurship and business start-ups! The two brothers -- with babies in mind as the consumer, including their own! -- insisted, yeah, demanded that product quality really be "earth's best," even when it cost dearly on the bottom line. You have to respect principles like that."

"Ron and Arnie's back and forth narratives reflect well their special relationship of shared values and priorities peppered by their contrasting yet complementary personalities. Enjoy!"

"This book is very exciting and kept me very engaged and eager to know more. It is told with compassion, humor, and wisdom, extremely well-written. It is a story of success, of the success of a relationship between two brothers and their personal and business integrity in the face of difficulty. It is a story of believing in and doing the right thing. The brothers' voices come through in powerful ways, and it is a story that will touch many people. It is not everyday that writers come along with this level of wit and wisdom and heart to share about such a fascinating experience. It is a story from which we can all go out singing."

"Their different (as twins can be), yet complimentary personalities really shine through in their entertaining writing style. I can't help but love them both. I applaud their integrity, dedication, the way they truly cared for their employees, and their strict standards for an innovative organic product. Their courage was truly remarkable considering what they were willing to take on. I believe it was healing (and certainly cathartic) to tell their story to the world."

"An extraordinary memoir: Fast-paced and very well-written, especially considering this memoir is told in two voices. Short chapters with catchy titles such as "This Really Happened" and "What Was His Hand Doing on My Throat" and "The Kossmic Egg Cracked" switch back and forth between identical twins Ron and Arnie Koss. The writing style works because the twins are of one spirit."